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Name: Mgr. David Zacik - PROMONE
Address: Na paziti 810/17, 911 06 Trencin, Slovakia
E-mail: dejvo01(@)

Our Story

The story of Tomas Mahrik and me, David Zacik, is a journey that began in the virtual corridors of an online platform named, back in 2011. Living in Trencin, Slovakia, I found myself engrossed in the digital world's potential. I've always been a big picture thinker, an enthusiast who never settles, always seeking the next innovation. However, the missing piece of my entrepreneurial jigsaw was a technological virtuoso, someone who could translate my visionary ideas into reality.

This was when Tomas, hailing from Brno, Czechia, entered the frame. As a developer, he had an exceptional knack for turning high-level concepts into tangible digital solutions. It was a meeting of minds that knew no borders, fueled by shared passions and individual expertise.

In 2015, we ventured on an ambitious project, the creation of,, and These websites offered a wide range of coupons and discounts to consumers across Slovakia, Czechia, and Hungary. The blend of our unique skills allowed us to turn these ideas into successful platforms that quickly gained traction among users.

Despite living in different countries, our collaboration was seamless. The late-night messages and the countless Trello cards became our office's foundations. Rather than being a hindrance, our geographical separation became a stimulus for creativity, pushing us to challenge the boundaries of digital collaboration.

To stay ahead of the curve, we regularly attended affiliate conferences like HotDognet. These events provided us with the opportunity to learn about new trends and network with like-minded professionals. The discussions and debates that followed often triggered sparks of innovation and helped us refine our creations.

In 2023, Tomas and I embarked on our most ambitious project yet, Taking our past experiences and learnings, we designed this coupon website to span across 18 countries. We envisioned as a platform that could bring together consumers and retailers on an international scale, making the hunt for the best deals a global adventure. As we delved into this project, we knew we were pushing our boundaries, but the vision of bringing cost-saving opportunities to users worldwide fuelled our determination. Every day, we strived to make a symbol of global connection, demonstrating once again that innovation and collaboration know no borders.

Our Team

David Zacik

Founder & Project Manager David Zacik

Tomas Mahrik

Co-founder & developer Tomas Mahrik